Accountant Jojo

We provide doorstep accounting services to housing societies with automated billing, collection email,sms reminder and online payment gateway powered by .

We just don't sell software but provide accounting as service at your doorstep, Our accountant visits your housing co-operative housing society for all data entry operations in our cloud based platform to provide you end to end services.

Most of other vendors either sell software or a local CA using Tally or other desktop/web based software sending un-trained students to do your accounting. The primary issue with this approach is that service provider does not have control and skills all aspects; The software, networking infrastructure and data entry service; Many times data is not updated timely and there are multiple copies of software data files in co-operative housing society office and CA's office or mostly on accountant's personal computer.The data in these copies is obsolete and out of synch and co-operative housing society management is always running behind service provider to get them updated and rush during financial year end to complete the data entry. These aspects are very important in order to ensure that "Accounting can be delivered as Service".

Therefore we just don't sell software but provide end to end solution on top of enterprise class software ,hardware and networking infrastructure own and operated by us including data entry from bills ,vouchers , bank statements and other documents to ensure quality of data entered into software system. Our accountant visit fortnightly/monthly for taking care of all data entry into our system .The process , standardization ,system and automation put in place ensures that even though the person assigned to do accounting for your co-operative housing society leaves there is no impact on co-operative housing society as our other employees who are trained on same system takes over. Another important aspect is data does not leave our secured cloud and is always available 24 x 7 and not person dependent this enable us to truly deliver "Accounting as Service".


Yes, Accountant Jojo takes care of all your accounts with reliable General Ledger system and standard accounting practices. We have customized chart of accounts especially for housing societies with 200+ accounts and sub ledger to take care of all your accounting needs including quarterly / annual balance sheets , income & expenses , bank statement reconciliation, petty cash, budgets and asset management.


We provide monthly/ quarterly billing of maintenance, sinking fund, non occupancy and various ad hoc charges like interest on late payment, clubhouse usage etc. Bills and detailed account statements are sent on email or paper. We also generate SMS alerts to notify co-operative housing society members for due bills , payments and over dues.


We support cheque/NEFT and direct online payments by members using credit/debit card and net banking, issue them electronic or paper receipt and send overdue reminders over email and SMS. Another challenge with housing societies is member's due estimate and in order to help you with this we generate credit card like account statements with history of all payments and dues in single statement.


Accountant Jojo ensures all your vendor payment's are approved, authorized and comply with legal requirements of invoice , service tax and tax deduction at source. We will file your quarterly and annual 26Q/ 26 TDS returns and issue Form 16A to your vendors.

Customer Support

We provide email support for all accounting related queries of your co-operative housing society residents and vendors. Our Accounting Billing and Collection platform also provides online self service for accessing resident account details with single sing-on integration with Google, Facebook and Open ID.

Audit & Compliance

We provide annual auditing of your accounts and relevant filings with registrar of housing societies , income tax return , TDS return through qualified panel of charted accountants and auditors; who have partnered with us to bring you best experience and right advice dealing with various government agencies.

Hosted on AWS Cloud

Our servers are hosted on AWS cloud to provide you enterprise class IT infrastructure ensuring high availability , performance, reliability and security of your data. We create separate dedicated server for you and do not host on cheap shared hosting sites and neither sale advertisements. We can migrate your old data from various desktop based software including Tally.

24 x 7 Anytime Anywhere

ABC platform is always online and provide to secure access to your co-operative housing society accounting data 24 x 7 from anywhere to help you get relevant information from comfort of your home or during busy schedule at office.

Data Backup

Data for housing societies keep building up over a period of time due to more than 50 years of life span of building. Your data is backed up 2 times a day at Singapore and US North Carolina availability zone and yearly on local disks to ensure your no loss of data at any stage